Monday, November 30, 2009

Nie York City!

20 New York Moments

November 22-27, 2009

20. Nicholas falling down the steps in JFK airport. Goose egg.

19. Going to dinner the first night, and Claire being smashed in half by the Hostess’ table at the hotel (because she was being a monkey) and breaking the computer, phone and the delicate amaryllis in the glass vase. Goose egg. We never ate that night.

(Me and the children in the Green Room at the Today Show)

18. Meeting Matt Lauer. Chatting about kids and how he wakes up at 4:30 to arrive to the set everyday. He says he goes to bed at 8:30- the same time as his children…also, he hates “rubber-chicken”. How’s that for an insider scoop. Take that ET!

17. Meredith Vieira hooking us up with Macy’s day parade tickets because she said “…if I can’t get them, then who could” She was very nice and soooo super cute with Ollie also, getting my make-up done right before for the interview right by Al Roker’s office. I saw his personal space. It was a very personal moment for me.

16. Going to the White Christmas musical with Claire, Jane, Mom, Lucy and Courtney. It was an incredible show on Broadway, and it so got me in the mood for the holidays. We also got to visit back stage, meet the players and get the behind scene tricks, wigs, costumes, and props. Thanks Mari!

(Claire and Jane backstage 'White Christmas')

15. Nicholas refusing to wear his shoes or sweater for the TODAY Show interview. He made farting noises and climbed under the couch during my chat with Matt. It was hilarious and very frustrating at the same time. Yes, I have to admit, I didn’t want him to wear a helicopter shirt on national television…oh, what’s a mother to do!

14. Getting the sweetest kiss from Ann Curry. She had a gorgeous green dress on that day. She looked and IS absolutely gracious and fantastic!

13. The Essex house sending up milk and cookies to Claire with a card that read: “Get Well Soon Claire”. She felt so special; she also didn’t share a cookie with anyone.

12. Snuggling in bed with Courtney (really close) and Lucy and my Mom.

11. Dressing up to visit the city.

10. Going to Tavern on the Green in central park.
The food was nasty and over-priced. I was disappointed.

9. Ollie talking me into buying a 3-pack ironman set at FAO Schwartz.

8. The children never going to bed at night.

7. Alicia Keys meeting my girls…and the girls don’t care. (Typical)

(Alicia Keys and Jane in a pouty mood)

6. Going to the ER at the Presbyterian New York Hospital Wednesday evening because of a very large, very sore blister (s) on my leg that were very large
(did I mention that already?) and, very infected.
I was admitted to the hospital and stayed a night/day. I was in the burn unit (again) for Thanksgiving. I couldn’t believe it. Mr. Nielson and I cuddled on my hospital bed over-looking the East river laughing and crying over our misfortune, which led to counting our blessings, which led to prayers of Thanksgiving. It turned out all right. I missed the Macy’s day parade, Thanksgiving dinner and my shoes. They misplaced my new green flats that I got especially for the trip. It was tragic. I was discharged from the hospital in blue footies.
(Thanks mom and day, lucy and courtie)

5. The family going to my cousin Ryan and his wife (also my childhood friend) Kimberly’s apartment in Harlem for Turkey dinner. After 3 wrong subway rides, they made it an hour late. Mr. Nielson said dinner was exquisite in every way!
I lay in bed with my dad beside me rubbing my back as I was throwing up from the antibiotics and meds that were given to me in the hospital.
We shared Thanksgiving dinner over pumpkin soup and rolls.

(Kim, Mom, and Ryan)

4. Nicholas successfully spilling 7 out of the 11 drinks he had on the trip, four in restaurants, one in the airport, one on the airplane, and one in his stroller. He also broke two glasses.

3. A very old man in one of the cafĂ©’s we ate at getting really mad at me for letting my boys eat so loudly. He told us that my kids were not normal and he has never heard anything like that before. Then he told the manager. It was awesome.
And all I could think about was how big his ears were.

2. Central Park...what more can I say?

(Central Park Siblings)

and being with Bets

(Betsy and Andrew in the park)

1. My Mom asking the stewardess when we landed in NYC if she was “spreading the news..?” She didn’t laugh or think it was cleaver. (Like I did) She obviously doesn’t have any imagination at all….(please tell me you do!)

(Mom and Hoda rock out to Alicia lovin')

Thanks Lexi and the Today show!!
It was such an adventurous trip!

Thank you New York, I love you-

(me waiting for a subway)