Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I can smell fall.

I can feel fall creeping up into the city. The nights are crisper and the afternoons seem to grasp on to any left over summer. It is a change I look forward to every year. Last year was different.

I was in a coma.

I often wonder if I enjoyed fall in my special "place" while in a coma. I know the Lord knew I loved it so much, so maybe he let me have it. I like to think he did.

Anyway, so yesterday I went to the grocery store and behold, Halloween decorations filled the front display. Since the store was the neighborhood market, it had all sorts of unique and different items.

Oh boy, I went crazy. And as I was picking out orange and black latte bowls I kept thinking in my head that I was just making up for last year...yep, just making up for Halloween decorations missed. And apparently it worked because now my house may or may not already be ready for the festivities to begin.

I came home from the store and saw a very familiar sight. Jane outside in the garden harvesting the late summer goodness.

Could it get better than this?