Thursday, August 20, 2009

Critical Condition

(my family at our sunday family fireside on my accident anniversary)

Today I woke up.
That was an accomplishment.
But folks, that's not all!
I woke up at 7:00 am to get my girlie's lunches made, laundry done and breakfasts. I also wrote list of goals to complete...


organizing tools
new front door
paint cupboards
hang up and frame paintings

and that list was just for Mr. Nielson alone.

Here were my goals:

organize cupboards

That looks a little off balance.

It was just like the old times getting excited about accomplishing something. And boy how that has been therapy for me.
The old times...those were great, and some of it I want to continue, but lots of it I am not looking back. I am looking forward and it feels so good.

Thank you all for coming to my Dads weenie roast. Good times had there. (My brother Matt looked like the candidate all dressed up in his nice suit...looking good matty).

I then dragged Mr. Nielson with me to the burn unit and to my very wonderful, very honored surprise, Doctor Peck who was on my "life-saving team" in AZ was there. It was such a delightful meeting and I was giddy with joy. Mr. Nielson and I shed tears of gratitude for his handy work in our preservation on this planet.
I had never officially "met" him since I was in a coma, so it was very special.

Tonight I overheard the news on TV at my parents house. The anchor was explaining a accident in Salt Lake. Then she ended with "...and now she is in critical condition in the hospital.....Did you hear about Dennis the special monkey who gets carried around on a leash?...bla bla blablaaa bla......"

And that was that.
And I thought, wow.
For that woman in critical condition she is still in critical condition with doctors and nurses trying to save her life...her LIFE! She has a family who is in critical condition too emotionally strained with the news. And we are in a moment saddened by her heart-breaking news but then it disappears as we listen about Dennis the special monkey.
It was painful.

Do you get what I mean?

I guess one has to go through an ordeal where a loved one is slipping away and nothing else in the world matters. Nothing. You don't watch TV, listen to music. Movies are too much and even reading is hard. I know because my family has told me.

So to you sweet woman and her family in critical condition.
You may have months and months of hospital visits, desperate prayers and heartache, but never forget who will always remain in critical condition with you.
The Savior.
He will be there until everything is stable and then forever after.
I know that and so does my family.
When the world forgets He will remain.

I am sure Dennis is a really special monkey,
but sometimes some situations feel too sacred to just announce.

Those are my thoughts tonight.
All is well.

"special news"

and PS...I love this photo!