Monday, June 01, 2009


Katie came to my door early this afternoon carrying a beautiful bouquet of home-grown peonies. Instant happiness. She was on her way for an afternoon of basking in the sun and swimming. Doctors told me to stay away from the sun for almost 2 years.
That's crap!
That's all I will say about that.

This morning, like every morning I lay in bed waiting for the pain to subside enough to get my bones moving. (God bless pain meds) As I wait, I also highly anticipate the sun to grace her beauty in my window. And finally the apple tree outside my bedroom window begins to glow and that means she's here. This morning sun poked her head over the mountain at approximately 8:34. (I asked Mr. Nielson the time) I love that feeling.

{Here is Mr. Nielson upon his arrival from the hospital. He certainly is enjoying the sun.
photo: Chup}

My personal yoga instructor Laura arrived this morning for our daily session. My body is finding her way back. Scar tissue has really invaded most of the 83% of my body that was burned. Twisting and moving hurts so good.

After the session, Mr. Nielson whipped on his Wranglers and made me toast with an egg-over easy. It was cowboy style.
He still is my personal cowboy.

A visit from Aunt Karen cheered me up considerably. We talked about our plan to go to visit her Washington Island. I am secretly hoping that a water front home will magically come up for sale and I will somehow talk Mr. Nielson into buying it for me with all that magical money we will have after finding it buried in a pirate chest in the sand.
And then I will plant my own home-grown peonies.

Speaking of Washington...congrats to Leone (just like Peonie but with a "P" of course) and Stephen for welcoming baby Beck.
Beck and Besty were born on the same day...a double aunt am I!