Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prayers Requested

Get well soon Nie Nie and Mr. Nielson
*Photos by Mary Nielson

Hey Nie Readers,

c jane (Nie's sister) here, as some of you might have heard, Stephanie (Nie) and Christian were in a private airplane crash on Saturday evening. They are both being in treated for serious injuries locally. The doctors told us that we are in for months of recovery.

Thank you for thinking of Nie and Christian's family at this time. As you know, Stephanie's faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ is strong. We know that he has a plan for each one of us, and loves us and will bless Stephanie, Christian and their family in the months to come.

Much love,
c jane

Friday, August 15, 2008

Calling all artists!

Calling all artists.

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Checking in with Iman

This just in...Iman writes from across the sea...

Hey Stephanie,

Monem (my hubs) arrived earlier this week and the fun finally began :)
He rented a car for us and we headed to the beach. Jaffa beach is an hour away but felt like a whole other world.
The homes, people and the weather!! The city felt like you had mixed in a little of New York, San Francisco and Miami all into one.
The ocean was nice and warm, the kids found a ton of seashells, and the best part I got to relax and enjoy the beach, this is the Mediterranean after all ;)

Also, like I told you before I got my wisdom teeth pulled and the left side of my face has been swollen. Also Ray (my youngest) fell at the park and had to get stitches on her chin.
We're chillin' at home with some ice packs.

Take care,

p.s. 3 more Fridays until we fly back to home sweet home.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

A map to the skies

I knew one day Mr. Nielson's old flying maps would come in handy.
I hung them over Nicholas' crib for the time being.
I really think the colors of the map are really cool.

Pretty soon I will have a bunch more (i am sure)
and I will make an even bigger collage-maybe with a cool frame.

Speaking of flying, my last visit to the ranch, I went to the village's gas station. Inside the station they have a little section of leather goods. Needless to say, I feel in love with some awesome moccasins. These leather lovers were a thing of beauty.
Mr. Nielson promised me he would fly me back to Bluewater retrieve them.
Thinking of getting another pair for a giveaway-

Bringing Moccasins back---were they ever in?? Maybe just functional.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame.

Mr. Nielson and I enjoyed dugout seats at the D-back's game.
It doesn't get better than that.
We even got baseball rolled to us from a sweet D-back's player as he entered the dugout after the 5th inning. (I think he thought Mr. Nielson was H-O-T HOT)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The bell is ringing...again.

I prepared a feast for the family to honor the girls as they got ready to start a new school year.

Baby white roses decorate the dinner table. Honey seared salmon smoked in alder wood (prepared by Mr. Nielson) garden-picked beets, brown jasmine rice, and broccoli rabi along with the 2008-09 family theme.

Crowns were made to honor the girls.
For dessert I made a classic chocolate cake with delicious chocolate butter-cream frosting.
Toasts were made, stories told, goals planned and the girls walked the cat-walk showing off the new school duds in a family fashion show.

It was hot. Real hot. Claire wore tights. Jane wore long pants and a sweater-type top.
Both came home with red faces and sweat dripping down.
Fashion over comfort ladies !

(that's my girls!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Day five: Out with a bang!

no, really it is!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Day four: Bluewater's Bounty