Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Re-Posted: And my blog will go on and on...

This is a post from stephanie to christian, detailing the many reasons why she loves him...reading cjane's latest update and imagining the almost impossible task christian has in front of him in trying to adjust to this new reality and to the unknown made me think that reading or hearing this post might give him a reminder of who he is and why he is loved.

-Felicia Cerbone

Originally posted September 23, 2005

I know, I know you think my blog is a shrine to my husband, but he frankly is the best, and here is why:
Yesterday, I watched confidently as Christian got out the scissors and cut his own hair in the mirror. With talents like those, what else could this boy from Arizona do? Cut my hair? I challenged him. He surprisingly obliged. And the best part is, I like it.
What else can he do?
When I met Christian at my father’s office in Provo, he walked in the office with baggy cargo pants and long hair. As time went on, and we got to know each other he showed me pictures of his recent trip to his ranch in New Mexico, where he turns into Wyatt Earp for the week and
catches rattlesnakes with his bare hands.

His cowboy character is quite charming really. One late summer evening we were together and he jumped on his horse “doll” bareback and told me to run and he would grab my hand and pull me up (like they do in the movies, ya know- Julia Ormond in First Knight with the handsome “Lancelot” Richard Gere) so I did. Then off we rode into the sunset. That was dreamy and for him, it was effortless.

Since we bought our aged, musty dwelling here in New Jersey, his hands have been hard at work preparing and doing all the tasks necessary to fix it up and make it fit for human habitation.
Last week while working on the finishing touches (after a year) in the girls bedroom, he asked me to assist him while he measured and sawed a piece of molding. I looked at him as he secured his safety goggles to his brown eyes. A wave of love and I must admit lust swept over me and I watched him. He had sweat trickling down his forehead and back from summer’s last bout with humidity (we hope). Then he nail gunned it to the wall.

“How does that look darling?” he asked me

“Oh great, looks wonderful. I am so proud of you,” I say with a little slap on the toosh.
Looking around 33 Harvey Circle, every corner there is something he has carefully constructed with his bare hands. I have owned three homes with this man and never once have we had to call a “fix-it” guy to install, repair, and mount anything. He can do everything in the house from the pluming to the painting, tile to the trim.
After college Christian was offered the best job in this major at BYU. It was no surprise to me of course he loves what he does. He is good at it. He is great at it, in fact!

When Christian and I were dating, often he would come visit me on his skateboard. He was always trying new “skater tricks” and I usually watched sitting on my car outside wrapped in a blanket. After I gave him a few claps he would say:

“Ok watch this one”

like a little boy looking for encouragement from his mommy. It was very endearing.
At Mutual the other night, I went to pick him up from the church and he there he was in the parking lot with all the young men surrounded him in a circle as he was dazzling them all with his board tricks…still got it. I felt like I was a young girl in high school as I took the “star” home in my car.
“That was hot hon”

I say then slobber him with kisses. Then we both look in the back seat as the children all stare blankly at us.

Last night as I was loading the dishwasher he walked into the kitchen after putting Oliver to bed untwisted his bottle and
loaded it with the rest of the dishes, then he walked in the bathroom washed and brushed the girls bottoms, hair, and teeth wrapped them both up in a towel and put on their pajamas.
Then after, he told the girls a story (using his hands to add a grand effect) he sang them a song with is calming, charming, and masculine voice. Kissed them gently and shut out the light.
Then, he picked me up and took me to bed. It was a sight to behold. I had officially married the finest guy ever. He does this everynight too... Seriously.
When Oliver was born at home I was a little nervous to not be in the traditional hospital where food was brought to your lap, nurses attending your every care and children NOT climbing over you for a good 2-3 days. But my husband took care of that. He made homemade bread, whole-wheat waffles and he even grinded the wheat too. He had Fresh fruit and handmade granola in the morning and smoothies at my ever whim. So what if the kitchen was a mess from my normal cleaning routine…I didn’t clean it up anyway, he did, and SMILED too!

He held my hand and looked into my eyes when I pushed out our children. He changes the oil in the car every 3,000 miles, he creates furniture (kitchen table, my bold red armoire), he redid the bathroom, makes frames for my pictures, pays the bills, knows my clothes size, walks the dog, mows the lawn, paints my toenails, and occasionally picks out my clothes.
He even shops for my unmentionables…without even asking.
I fear I have only tapped the tip of the ice burg here of Christians good qualities and talents.
While my blog has to come to a close, I am confident to say( and quoting Celeine Dion) his talents "will go on and on.”