Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Re-Posted: Love Letter

i first heard about nie & Christian a couple days after the accident. i spent the days following completely absorbed in the nienie dialogues-reading every entry.
i absolutely fell in love with your sister! when my hubby came home, i told him...."you must meet this precious mom---she the cutest thing ever with a face full of freckles, she has so much passion for her family & i love how she openly shares that on her blog, she loves to serve them by creating fantastic meals, her home looks like the funnest funkiest place ever, her children are yummy, oh i wish she lived next door--but i doubt she'd enjoy suburban atlanta...she'd live intown in some funky fixer upper. you must see this photo of her family. i mean they look like something out of anthropologie but even prettier."
i love in this post how she shares her love & need for christian to be right beside her, how she values life's little moments by letting one of the girls stay home, & i always love it when she includes a picture of her beautiful self....thus her beautiful soul.
blessings to you courtney jane & each of your family
i continue to pray daily for them
paige knudsen
atlanta georgia

Originally posted January 17, 2008

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