Monday, June 16, 2008

My man.

Fathers day was a hit.
Mr. Nielson is seen here with his new fore-father cufflinks. I had them shipped from the UK. Mr. Nielson is very passionate about his roots-his Danish roots. So I thought he would enjoy displaying his Dane blood in a classy way this fathers day.

Mr. Nielson also upgraded himself with a new cruiser.
We figured his old bike was probably 20 years old, and while we were thankful for the retro-looking bike (and paint job, spray-painted by yours truly) oh, and the fact that we got it for free (stole it from his parents shed). Regardless of those facts, it was time for a new Schwinn.

Speaking of that guy, he is leaving for San Fransisco tomorrow morning. While he is spending time here, I will be pulling my hair out as I drive cross-country to Utah...alone on Wednesday. Pray for me.