Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Letters to Mr. Nielson: Smores on the Beesely farm

Dear Mr. Nielson,

Yesterday you left on a jet plane back to the 115 degree weather. How is that treating you? I am assured you found everything in order back at the Lazona Estate? I scrubbed that house before I left you know-so you would be as comfortable alone as possible. (is that possible?)

This evening after a hefty day of shopping with Mother and Lucy, (not much loot, just a lot of walking, Lucy MUST have the perfect dress to match her beautiful sapphire necklace which Andrew made which costs more than our house and car)
Lucy invited me down for some good old fashioned smores.
Andrew was excited to show me his concord grape vineyard, rows and rows of beets, romaine, cabbage, squash, pumpkins, onions, corn, potatoes and just about
anything else you would want. It is a beautiful garden.
He was mostly excited to show me his beehive which he crafted. Inside the hive live more that 50,000 bees all nestled together to make over 60 pounds of honey. Pretty remarkable.
Andrew carefully lifted the hive open for me to glance at the busy little guys, and I began noticing bees landing on Andrews shirt, then shorts, than arms and pretty soon bees were spewing out all over both of us.
I may have said a bad word when Andrew got stung on his leg.
I for sure said a bad word when a bee crawled up my pant leg and stung my thigh.

Then the children gathered firewood and we made a lovely little fire nestled in the orchard. It was a very wonderful evening, even if I was stung by a hard-working honey bee.

If you are wondering where your son Gigs was during our FHE night-well grandpa wouldn't let him out of his sight. They spent the evening taking Nan for a walk, eating ice cream, and going for a ride in Mothers convertible.
I must admit, I am tired today. My legs are still rusty from my race,
and I don't sleep well without you.
I love you-

Yours truly,