Friday, May 09, 2008

Nie's Wonderful Mother Week

Day Five.

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Congrats to Emily from Colorado who won the
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Gabby from Design Mom reflects on Motherhood by saying:

(Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar and Betty lined up for
Christmas Photos. Mom is attempting to get Betty to join the line-up.)

"I remember running a preparing-for-a-new-baby-errand as I neared the due date of my second pregnancy. As I drove, I thought about (and felt quite a bit of guilt about) how little I'd thought about this second baby. During my first pregnancy, the baby growing inside me consumed almost all of my thoughts. But during the second pregnancy, that first baby, who was now becoming Ralph-the-toddler, was still taking up the lion's share of my time and thoughts. Was I being unfair to this second child? Would I favor her less?
As I pondered all of this, I had the distinct impression that the soul of my new baby — the baby still living within in me — had joined me in the car. (Granted, this is a spiritual stretch for many people, but I live in a world where prayers and spiritual experiences are part and parcel of daily life). Her still unnamed soul reassured me that she was fine — was not feeling unloved — and that we would be dear, dear friends.
At that point, I felt such joy that I pulled the car over and had a good cry. I was so pleased with the idea of my children (just the 2 of them at the time) growing up and getting to share a friendship with them. When I'm irritated with my kids, I try to remember how I felt that day, and remind myself that my kids are going to be teenagers and adults too darn fast, and that the way I treat them now will most certainly affect the friendship or relationship we have then.
I went into labor that evening. And it was the fastest of my five, (thank you Maude!)."

Today two of the most darling dresses ever made found their way to my mailbox.
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Check on me tomorrow and Sunday, as I post in-depth on Motherhood.
Last motherhood giveaway:
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