Friday, May 30, 2008

The Coops Cured

When it starts to get triple digs here in AZ, you spend some good quality time inside.
"Cooped up" is another word for that. Which essentially means "I am BORED!"
In Mesa, you can use the word cooped like this:

Claire: Mom I am have the coops"
Mom: Oh darn, I hate the coops, why don't you go play paper dolls?
Try it!

No coops this weekend, my plans include:

Yoga Saturday morning.
Teaching the silhouette class at the studio Saturday morning 10-11 Come!
Send Mr. Nielson off on another night cross country flight.
Make the Amish Friendship bread Tab gave me. Finally! After 10 days of squashing it we finally get to make it! (no Court, I wont be using my Easter cups) Anyone want some??? Amish rule is you HAVE to send it on to three other friends (sounds totally MLM to me!)
Mr. Nielson takes me on a date to see Indiana Jones. (need babysitter....Maddy?)
{Ms. Jones and Spence you guys still on for a little Indi action?}
Get 150 names on Chief Nielson's petition form-he's running for something or other.
Feed the ducks the left-over salmon-burger buns.
Car shop with Mr. Nielson (FYI... I really like '64 mustangs)
Clean the Lazona Estate.
Prepare for church.
Make paper chain with girls. 21 days until UTAH.

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