Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Living with Jimmy.

I want to thank everyone who left me a well-wish or two.
I am very blessed.

Congrats to Sara, she won the earrings.
(Are you wondering how I picked? I just listened to my heart)
Thanks to Rachel at Darlybird!
(curt, i was this close to giving them to you)

Today I happen to be very busy, mowing the lawn
(Mr. Nielson is out with a broken foot) it may take all day.
But Jimmy, he is NOT busy. Lucky dog.
I bet today he woke up (on my bed) went outside did his business, ate his business, came back inside wandered around the house looking for anything that resembles food, ate that, came to kitchen licked Mr. Nicholas' oatmeal off his hands
(better than wet-wipe-easier than a tub),
then sat his you-know-what right here.

And never moved.

Unless someone wiggled a wrapper or the sound of a cupboard opened up.

I take that back, once I saw Oliver and Jimmy getting into no good under Jane's bed. I have yet to investigate that one. I was busy with the chain saw in the front yard (you know, because Mr. Nielson broke his foot, and we don't want our Lazona estate to look like a meth house.)