Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Day in the Life of Jimmy

Today I mowed the lawn because Mr. Nielson is out with a broken foot.
I've found that mowing the lawn is kind of fun.
(NOT fun in the 10000000-degree weather though.)
Jimmy sat in the cool house relaxing by the door.
I bet today he woke up (on my bed),
 went outside did his business, and came back inside where he
 wandered around looking for anything that resembled food to eat.
Then probably strutted into the kitchen and licked
 Nicholas's oatmeal off his hands and face.
Then I bet he wandered over by the door and parked it there to 
stare outside for anything that moved,
(not that he'd do anything about it anyway).
He probably never moved unless someone crinkled a
 wrapper or opened a cupboard or the refrigerator door.
I asked Jimmy to babysit the boys inside while I was busy
 with the chain-saw in the front yard.
 (You know because Mr. Nielson broke his foot, and we 
don't want our Lazona Estate to look like a meth house.)
When I came inside to check on the Little Nies, I found
Oliver and Jimmy under the bed doing who knows what,
and I couldn't find Gigs.
Nice job babysitting, DOG! 
Sheesh, you have ONE job! 
What else do you have to do?

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