Monday, May 28, 2007

Proc Week day 1

I am proud to present Nie's "Proc Week".
Each day for a week I am taking a part of the beautifully written 'The family: A Proclamation to the World' that President
Gordon B. Hinckley read in September of '95.
This proclamation has shaped my little family and has inspired Mr. Nielson and I to be better parents to our four children, and beyond. I am pleased and honored to follow and observe this proclamation and teach it to my own children.

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~Day 1~
Mr. Nielson and I decided that Mitt Romney is the choice for President for 'o8. He has been heard to have said this:
"'The work that goes on within the walls of a home is the most important work that is ever done in America. ... And if we want to strengthen America, we need to strengthen the American family.'
"Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney...establishing marriage as being between a man and a woman.'
So we had a party celebrating Mitt
and invited family and friends to join.
It was our civic duty!

[Mr. Nielson and Oliver put balloons
out front of our house to welcome guests]