Monday, May 28, 2007

Proc Week day 1.

I am proud to present:  Nie's "Proc Week".
"Proc" is short for "Proclamation," which refers to the amazing document:
The Family: A Proclamation To The World.
Each day this week, I am taking a paragraph 
of this inspired and beautiful document to write a little bit about it.

Our dear Prophet and President of 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
Gordon B. Hinckley announced this important document to the members 
of The Church in September of 1995.
The words that make up the proclamation have shaped my little family
 and have inspired Mr. Nielson and me to be better parents to our four children.

I am pleased and honored to follow and observe this proclamation.
~Day 1~
Mr. Nielson and I decided that Mitt Romney is our choice for President in 2008.
Romney said this:
'The work that goes on within the walls of a home is the
 most important work that is ever done in America. ... 
And if we want to strengthen America,
 we need to strengthen the American family."
Yes, Mr. Romney, I do agree!

His values line up with ours, which line up with what the
 Proclamation states.
So a few days ago, we had a party celebrating Mitt,
and we invited family and friends over to the Lazona Estate to join us.

The Romney for Presiden campaign sent us a 

"Mitt Romney Party Kit," which included some awesome Mitt balloons,
stickers, buttons, documents, and information about his views.

Before our guests arrived, Mr. Nielson and Oliver put balloons
out front of our house to welcome our guests.

Go, Mitt, Go!

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