Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter weekend.

Easter weekend was wonderful. Saturday, over homeade pizza, my little family hunkered down dyed Easter eggs, laughed and remembered just how good it feels to have a place of our own.
Sunday morning we were visited by the Godparents who brought "the professor" a rather large chocolate bunny for the children to have.
Fresh fruit and oatmeal was served.
Reachel is seen here with the 'god-kids' swinging on our back porch swing.

Claire and Jane ready for church

My adorable family before I had to make a mad dash to get ready for church.
I believe as I took this photo, I was only in my unmentionables.

Nicholas and his sisters

Oliver, who has picked up a new nickname from Mr. Nielson and I=

Dirty Bill. (although he is looking pretty clean today)

Easter egg dying

Finding what Peter Cottontail has left them. And I think they were pretty happy about it. They woke up at 6:00 am to find out. Good thing P.C. was up and ready for this big moment.