Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter weekend.

Easter weekend was wonderful!
On Saturday evening over homemade pizza, my little family hunkered down 
and dyed Easter eggs.  
Then I remembered just how good 
it feels to have a place of my own!
On the morning of Easter Sunday we were visited by the Godparents who brought
a large chocolate bunny named "the professor" for the godkids.
(They always have the best presents!).
I made oatmeal with fresh fruit and quickly served it before we left
the house to worship at church.
Look how cute my little monkeys look in their Easter best:
The children cleaned up pretty good for church- especially Oliver.
Sometimes we call him "Dirty Bill" name after this guy:
(He is one of our favorite Disney characters).

Next year I think I am going to celebrate the Easter bunny,
 the baskets, and the candy on the Saturday before Easter.
I want to reserve Easter Sunday for the Savior.
It's HIS day after all, and all of that stuff is just 
turns into a distraction.

Happy Easter.
I am grateful for the Savior who we honor today!