Saturday, November 04, 2006


Christian's littlest sister Elizabeth was married today
in the Mesa, Arizona temple.
That is two of our little sisters getting married
within a few weeks of each other.

The ceremony was so beautiful.
I hope they remember the promises they made together and with God.
I hope they remember the love and the spirit that was felt in the temple.
And I hope they remember how much their family and friends love them.
 Nicholas was a good boy and slept most the time.
During the temple ceremony he was in the capable hands of my
Nielson nieces and this time, we were a little more prepared and there was
no need for breast-feeding temple patron to feed a grumpy Nicholas.
 The report was he slept the whole time.
 Christian's brother Stephen looks a lot like Jane with their orange hair.
Claire's dream come true: being a flower girl for two aunts
 within 2 weeks of each other! 
 After the wedding was over, Mr. Nielson and I talked about our own wedding.
It was the best day ever.
I remember the ceremony, I remember how I felt, and I remember
the way Christian looked at me.