Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Where the deer and antelope play...

Memorial weekend took us 5 hours to New Mexico where the Nielson family owns 9000+ acres of sprawling range land. Objective of the trip: to build a full barn where Grandpa Russ plans to have a dance floor for social gatherings when the family gets together.
Jane learns to operate the "agent" (basically a souped up golf cart.) We took many rides across the land searching for bones, Indian ruins (which we find old pottery), and rattlesnakes (this trip we only found a tiny baby one sleeping.)
Oliver at the homestead with uncles, dad and grandpa in the back gardening.
Jane with her cowgirl hat on the front porch swing of the ranch house.
Christian at the top used serious muscle for this project. He and his brothers and cousins managed to build this barn all in one day. It would have made the Pontipee brothers proud.
Christian down for some homemade pie and cookin' that the wives (OK, OK it was just Mary) made for the the 'menfolk'.
My cute Claire in the antique rocker. This was the only picture I had of Claire. She was always so busy and I never got any decent photos of her.

It was a fun time had by all. Christian and I picked out a quaint little area about 2 miles away from the homestead where we someday build our own little frontier.