Sunday, October 30, 2005

Legend of Sleepy Holland.

Last Friday night we packed up the family and headed north to New York to the quaint town of Sleepy Hollow.
Yes, there is actually a town called "Sleepy Hollow" where Washington Irving wrote his famous tale:
 "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".
Christian and I have made it a tradition to take our family to this spooky Halloween spot for the last two years.
In anticipation for Halloween, visiting Sleepy Hollow makes the holiday that much more amazing for me.  And I must admit I like Halloween more then my children.
This year we were joined by our friends the Hollands. Matt and Paige along with thier four darling children.
The Hollands moved to Princeton on a year long sabbatical, and I am so glad to have them here!  I'm not so homesick anymore!
We met them in the "Horsemen Diner" 
near Washington Irving's estate.
We then headed to the Irving estate where there is a gravel path that leads around the perimeter of the house and is led by thousands of carved pumpkins.
People dressed us as ghosts roam around and scare the children, storytellers recreate Icabod’s superstitious tale, and pirates serenade us with quirky songs and stories.
We also came upon a graveyard filled with spooks who sauntered around
 (some playing fiddles), but
Claire’s favorite spot was at Ichabod's barn; it was full of ghosts who
 danced under a black light that accentuated the white robes they wore and made the black circles painted around their eyes seem real.
But the reason we go to Sleepy Hollow Town is to see the headless horseman.
He rides swiftly around the grounds like a black shadow scaring everyone in his path.
His black cape billows in the wind as he sits atop his black stallion,
 it's really stunning and eerie.

Matt lovingly called Paige “Pagie-ee” throughout the night which was really endearing. 
Matt seems like he is 10 feet tall which was nice since we could always pick him out of the crowds of people.

Paige and I chatted the whole night while carrying babies, wiping noses, and taking photos.
Matt backpacked their baby on his back and took Jane from me time to time so Paige and I could catch up on living in New Jersey. 
Christian carried Oliver and spent most the night answering Claire's inquisitive questions: 
"No Claire, they aren't real.  Yes those people are just dressed up.  Yep, that's just make-up".  And so on.
We stayed until finally we got kicked out.
The night was long but so much fun.
On the trudge back to the car, we inquired about Elder Holland
(he being Matt’s father), who is a very wonderful holy man-and friend of the family.
Happy Halloween, from us back in the Eeeeeeast.