Wednesday, July 03, 2024

For A Minute

 This evening, we served in the temple as a family, 
being baptized for our ancestors who have long passed. 
Gigs was able to baptize Lottie, me, and Christian
 while Christian baptized Gigs and Jane. 
It was so sweet!
God is so good to us here on earth and to his children
who have passed from this earth.
I am so thankful that He is a loving God and gives the
 opportunity for everyone to be baptized,
and gives everyone the agency to accept or not.
Doing this great work for our family is such an honor,
The temple is such a sanctuary from the chaotic world,
it was so lovely to leave it behind for a few hours.
Then, at dinner, we talked about doing baptisms together when Oliver gets 
home from his mission in February, and EVERYONE will be together.
For a minute, anyway.

Right when we got home, Gigs changed into his work clothes
and he (and Kitty)got to work on his car before the sunset.
We stayed up late on this fun 4th of July Eve and watched
Pearl Harbor.  Well, I did anyway; everyone else fell asleep.
I turned it off at about halfway.


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