Friday, June 07, 2024

Last Day Of 6th Grade!

 Today was the last day Lottie will be a 6th grader!
Wow.  Doesn't it seem like I was
setting up the Back to School Feast just a few weeks ago 
and taking her first day of school pic?
Now it's over!
Since August, 2023, 
She's cut her hair and has grown about 5 inches.
She definitely looks like a middle-schooler!
Welcome summer, Lottie!
You did such a good job this year, and just like our family theme,
You are strong, opinionated, calm, kind, and determined!
We celebrated by eating out at our favorite joint.
Another congratulations to Gigs, who was successfully promoted to 12 grade,
and to Jane, who successfully endured a year of substitute teaching!

Ice cream all around!

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