Thursday, June 13, 2024

Inner Energy

 Today, the clouds rolled in for a perfect Summer storm.
My favorite kind.
Everything got dark and still.
When the skies seem to be filled with turmoil, 
I automatically feel calm and peaceful.
It's not a reflection of my mood, 
but is actually my inner energy coming alive.
I can't describe it, but it makes me 
 feel more productive and creative, and just all around happier.
It makes me want to paint or pull out my favorite children's
storybooks and read with my kids, 
except my kids are kind of getting too big for that. 
But I do it anyway.

"Summer days are hot.
They are long, too.
The sun is up before you are.
Big white clouds float
across the sky.
They look like fairy castles.
Many summer days are sunny.
They are good days 
for having picnics
or going to the fair.
They are good days for a trip
to the zoo
or the park
or the beach.
Sometimes in summer
there are thunderstorms.
Often there is a rainstorm afterward."
-Bertha Morris Parker
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