Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day 2024

Today, we celebrate the most incredible men in our lives,
especially Christian, the father of my children.
He is the greatest example of a loving, attentive, positive father.
I couldn't be more grateful to have him influencing our children's lives.
The girls and I planned a fun little dinner to celebrate some of our
favorite fathers, including Christian and some friends-
who feel more like family.
I wish I had more photos of our delicious dinner.
The Nies and I gave him:
New flips
New wallet 
Standing computer desk
Kisses and hugs and hugs and kisses.
-salmon & kale salad with pearl couscous
-peach & tomato salad with burrata and thyme dressing
-three melon dish with lime and coconut drizzle
-fresh sourdough loaf with a variety of cheeses
-my favorite cheddar macaroni
-twix cheesecake (I will brag...It was amazing!)
This morning at church, I led a fun activity for the kids and their dads. 
I arranged chairs in the front of the room for all the dads, 
including our branch presidency, and then blindfolded some of the kids. 
One by one, they had to guess which hands belonged to their dads. 
They were adorable, especially when they made their guesses, 
removed the blindfolds and were standing in front of their dad.

It was the best day!
I love you, Christian, father of my children.
I love you, Dad, father of me!!

Kitty is still so deathly ill.
She's lost so much weight and is so sad.
It's horrible.
We're all so puzzled.

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