Sunday, April 14, 2024

True Sib Love Always

Tonight, after dinner we sat around enjoying the evening
until Lottie announced she had
homework that she had "forgotten about." 
So, while Christian and Lod finished up a few math problems,
 (homework on Sunday night around 10:00
at my house is just a typical Sunday activity.  Sadly.)
I cleaned up dinner and started making lunches for Monday.
Then, we had family scripture study and family prayer.
Just before we said our goodnights and before we all went to our separate rooms,
 I pulled up a photo taken 17 years ago of Gigs and Jane together on my phone. 
 Gigs, 6 months, Jane, 4, when we lived in Mesa, Arizona. (2007)
We all had a good laugh.
Jane stopped growing at 5'3, and Gigs is still 
sprouting up over 6 feet!
But he'll always be the younger, taller brother,
and she'll always be the shorter, older sister.


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