Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Brothers On Maps

 This afternoon, I used Google Maps to find the hospital
 in Ghana, where Claire has been working. 
It's been incredibly inspiring to hear how much she's been loving 
her time there, assisting in surgeries and providing wound care 
to patients using the skills she learned at the Arizona Burn Center. 
Later, I took a trip down memory lane with Lod and showed 
her on Maps all the houses our family has ever lived in.
It was so lovely to recall all the beautiful memories we shared 
together in Utah, Arizona, New Jersey, New Mexico, and North Carolina. 
We had such an amazing time in each of those places!!
Then she asked me to go to Umi and Grampa's house in Provo.
I discovered my dad's image on the camera outside while 
he was pulling a hose to water the flower pots near the garage.
But on closer look, I've concluded that he's cleaning
out his car and hosing down the mats.
This is because I can see the 1980s vacuum propped up against
the house, and there is only one reason why the vacuum is outside.
To clean the car, right?
I should be a detective.
I felt a sting of homesickness.
I miss my dad. 
I miss Provo, but in my mind,  Provo is still as glorious as it was
when I lived there. It's different now.
 I need to brace for the change I'll be met with when
we drop Claire and Jane off for school this fall.
I love that Google Maps captured a photo of my dad working on his lawn, 
wearing a BYU football shirt, with Marley, the dog - resting peacefully
 under the front yard tree. I can also see the pumpkins on the front porch, 
probably the ones he grew out back for the grandkids. 
I only wish I could have seen my mom, 
who was probably inside reading a book under the fan.
I visited my brother Matt's house, where I grew up. 
While on the way, I "drove" past my best cousins 
Jayne and Katie's house- they lived just across the street from us.
I noticed that my Uncle Dave, who is my dad's brother, 
was outside mowing the lawn at his house. 
He stopped to wave at the Google car as it drove by.
I love "Uncle Brother Dave," as my kids called him when they were young.

After finding the Clark brothers on Google Maps,
 I texted Lucy, my mom, cousins Katie, Jayne, and Aunt Lisa
 (who is Dave's wife), all of whom still live in Provo.
 It was a fun way to reminisce about growing up in 
Provo and share other unforgettable memories.

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