Friday, March 22, 2024

We're All Babies

Last night, Lottie went to work with Gigs at the goat farm.
They got home at 10:00!!!!

When I woke up this morning, and after Gigs had left for seminary/school,
 I found a note along with a $5 bill on the counter next to her 
water bottle and backpack.

"Thanks for the help at work Lod.
-(heart) Gigs."

Five bucks for 5 hours of work is a dollar an hour,
but I don't think Lottie cared one bit.  Being with Gigs,
and playing with the baby goats was payment enough.
I just love that Gigs was kind enough to even offer this.

I love my kids.

Speaking of kids,
check out this awesome photo NINETEEN years ago (2005)
in New Brunswick, New Jersey,
of me (23yr) nursing Ollie (2 months) while talking to Jane (3yr).
I'm pretty sure Claire (4yr) took this photo!
We're all babies!


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