Monday, March 18, 2024

These Scars

Today, a woman stopped me while I was shopping at the grocery store. 
She didn't speak English, but she seemed to be trying to communicate 
something important to me. She kept patting her face and arms 
while motioning towards me. 
I could tell that she was trying to draw my attention to my burns.

Thanks to Google Translate and the light of Christ, we somehow
were able to communicate.
She told me that a few years ago when her son was 10 years old, 
he was in an accident and had burns to his face and hands. 
She showed me photographs of him while he was in the 
hospital as well as current photos, and he looks great!
It's truly amazing how well his burns are healing.
 One day, I bet they may be completely unnoticeable. 

We used a lot of prayer hands that gestured to each other of God's grace,
mercery, and miracles.  It was really sweet.
We hugged, exchanged phone numbers, and said our goodbyes.
Then, I vowed I'd learn Spanish.
Then, I changed my mind later when I really thought about it.
(I can do it though, right?)

Somedays, I am so humbled by the scars I carry on my body
because they provide me with the opportunity to have conversations 
with people I may not have spoken to otherwise. 
They help me cultivate deep empathy for others and inspire me to listen
 to their stories and bear witness to their miracles. 
These scars help me connect with others and with the 
Savior, who has the power to restore broken things and heal wounded hearts,
and take the scars and turn them into beauty.
I found this little card on Christian's desk that Lottie had made 
to remind him to Think Celestial; as President, Nelson encouraged us
to see our trials and hardships in a different light-
a more faithful and deliberate way, a celestial way.
And these scars help me think Celestial.

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