Thursday, March 07, 2024


 Why do I have bad teeth?  
(I type, wondering while chewing on a huge piece of black licorice?).
Today, I visited my dentist, Dr. Jones, for my scheduled root canal on tooth #5.
I was feeling cozy in the dentist's chair, with my sunglasses on,
 and listening to good music.
I had also asked for the X-ray apron 
to be placed over me as a blanket and comfort weight.
The best trick if you don't particularly love the dentist- like me!

After I was sufficiently numb, Dr. Jones began drilling.
After 15 minutes, he stopped and told me the news that
I'd need to see a specialist because my tooth was too calcified, 
and an Endodontist could use his super tools to fix it.
So, my half-numb face and I left the office a little annoyed
at my teeth and regretting all the delicious gummy treats I've
indulged in for my whole life.
I called the Endodontist, who was super cool to let me come in right away,
and through his super-magnified microscope, 
he was able to finish the job successfully.
Afterward, I left the office and went into the waiting room 
where Christian was on the phone.
He stared at me with concern and worry, 
frowning between words in his conversation.
He was extra gentle and caring, and after he hung up the phone,
he gave me a big hug and then told me
 I looked like I had had a stroke.
I told him I hoped he hadn't seen a vision of our future!
Nope, just had six shots of local anesthetic back to back.

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