Tuesday, March 05, 2024

I Love My Girls!

There was no school for us today!  
Something about early voting...we were very grateful for the break!
Claire was off work, too, so it was such a laid-back, easy day for all!
In the morning, Jane and Christian preg-checked the cows, 
and only TWO out of the FIVE
are pregnant.  It's a little disappointing.
We made arrangements for a bull to roam the sweet green fields
with our ladies so we can produce calves this year!
They won't all come in the summer as we planned, but at least
they will all deliver a baby sometime this year.
Later, Jane made macaroons.  
They were beautiful and delicious.
As you may know, macaroons are super hard to make.
They require skill, patience, and time.
All things Jane possesses!
And it was just us gals at dinner tonight as the boys were out.
We made tacos and took all kinds of tests on Claire's phone
to determine everything from the Harry Potter Hogwarts house we belong to 
and what animal we resemble, what Lord of The Rings character we are most like,
and what our personalities tell about us.
My girls live for these things.
We laugh more than anything.

I love my girls!

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