Monday, March 25, 2024

I Got You

Tonight, Clane joined Christian and me as we spoke at a 
church young single adult conference (followed by Shake Shack for dinner).
I guess I should say Christian and I joined Clane at the conference 
since they are young, single, and adults, and we are not.
But we felt honored to share our story, particularly how enduring 
with faith and trust in God blessed us -and is STILL blessing us
throughout life and life's challenges.

Jesus never left my side.  When I was lonely, He sent friends to my door. 
When I was overwhelmed, He sent me a moment of clarity by inspiring me
 to look out the window and see the trees blowing peacefully in the wind. 
When I felt undeserving of love and affection, 
he sent my children to my side with a book to read to them- or they to me;
 when I was slipping into depression,
 He sent Christian to make me laugh and remind me of my potential. 
I am a strong woman; I am a brave mother; I am a devoted wife, a faithful, 
covenant-keeping daughter of God, and He did NOT create me for failure.
This was the encouragement he was 
sending me minute-by-minute, 
day after day, year after year. 
He never gave up on me.  Ever.
He was saying, 
“Don’t you forget who you are, Stephanie.  
You can do this.  I got you."
And the most important part of this is
 that I believed Him.
 I believed in him and His healing power. 
I believed Him then, and I believe Him now.
Do you believe and trust in Him?


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