Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The GOAT Whisperer

 Tonight, the Nies showed up to Gig's work at Celebrity Dairy 
to help out with the baby goats.  
They have 80 goats in the nursery, with about 23 more mamas in the wings,
 ready to deliver (most goats deliver 2-3 babies at a time!).  
We had the opportunity to care for some adorable kids...some just hours old. 
We cuddled them, showered them with love, 
and made sure they were cozy and comfortable (it was 24 degrees outside!),
 and we bottle-fed them with warm mama milk.
Their cries were so similar to human babies that 
I must admit, it did make my mama's heart a tad bit anxious when they'd
all start howling together.
I was soooo proud of Gigs, who was helping deliver the kids, 
loving and caring for the mamas, and cleaning up the birth mess.
It was a little shocking watching him jump in there with all the
blood n' stuff, and with the afterbirth that's involved.
Even though I knew he was secretly dying, he's such a cute dude.
This will make him such a good daddy one day!
GO, Gigs, GO!

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