Wednesday, January 24, 2024


This morning, I accompanied Christian outside 
as we set up the chute to work the cattle.
Sadly, it's time for our babies to become teenagers.
They each will get a nose ring- it's actually a nose clip, 
so they won't be able to nurse their Mama anymore.
It's really heartbreaking to watch them try to eat,
and then bawl when they can't.
I'll miss seeing thick white creamy milk cake their faces
after a feeding, and the sound of them chugging the milk.

But for the sake of the Mama's who (we HOPE) are pregnant
we need to give them and their bodies a little break before 
the new group of calves comes in late summer.

My ear is still all bandaged up.
I'm going back to the doctor on Friday
for my check-up and get my stitches out.

Also, today, we ended Jane's last P-day message like this:
It's REAL!

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