Monday, December 18, 2023

Harvey Circle House, New Jersey

This year, my friend Courtney, who has magical and amazing abilities, 
has outdone herself by creating a stunning addition to our 
Christmas village - the Harvey Circle House in New Jersey. 
The intricate details of this new addition are simply beautiful, 
from the frosted windows to the festive wreath hanging on the front door, 
she even copied the Christmas front door mat exactly!
This house holds a special place in my heart. 
I was only 23 when Christian and I, 
along with 3-year-old Claire and 2-year-old Jane, 
moved across the country from our little Yellow House in Provo
to East Brunswick, New Jersey. It was a big move for us, 
and the first time I had ever moved away from Provo.
 Our new home was a small house in a cute Jewish neighborhood, 
and it needed a lot of fixing up. 
But Christian and I were determined to make it a comfortable home 
for our little growing family, and we worked on it together
 whenever time and money allowed.
(Which was rare for both).
Living so far away from my family was tough, 
and I often felt lonely and homesick. 
But in that little house, I also found a strength
 and resilience I didn't know I had. 
I even delivered Oliver in my bedroom (the left front window).
Christian was more than just a husband.
He was my equal partner in all aspects of life, my closest friend whom 
I confided and needed.
 We gave comfort and strength and relied on each other more than ever. 
Our marriage grew and solidified during our time in that house, 
and I will always be grateful for the memories we made there.

The Harvey House through the seasons:

(This is my favorite photo I have.)

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