Monday, December 04, 2023

A Mushroom Christmas

 This afternoon, Claire and I turned on Holiday Inn,
which is one of our favorite Christmas movies.
(I did a little investigating around on the WWW and found the
version colorized!).
 Last week, I created a dough using flour, salt, and toilet paper
then we shaped the dough into mushrooms and stems
to make ornaments for our Christmas tree.
They baked and dried for a few days and today 
we painted them to look like cute mushrooms. 
This is the kind of activity that I associate with Christmas.
It's cozy, quiet, calming, creative, and festive.
We may have gotten a little carried away with the mixing paint business
because we painted a stem a brown color, and it looked like,
well, I'm sure you have an idea of what it looked like.
We laughed and laughed (and are still laughing) imaging it
hanging from our tree year after year.
(Hopefully, these last years).
Tomorrow, we will put them together and doll them up with 
glitter, gold leaf, and moss.
Why can't we still wear cute clothes like they
 did in the 40s?
Tell me why!

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