Friday, October 20, 2023

The State Fair

 Today, Gigs bounded through the door with a goldfish in one hand,
two stuffed animals in the other, a kazoo in his mouth, and a Chinese
leaf hat on his head.
 Angus jumped up and down and barked loudly
while Gigs told me he had gone to the State Fair today.
"The what?" I asked?
"The State Fair!  First come, first serve on the buses and 
I jumped on.  It was a totally excused day, and look
at all the cool stuff I won!"
My mind raced to earlier that morning when I got a text from Gigs that said:
"Spare some coin for your child" with a church emoji.
I thought it was because he was going out to lunch with his
buddies, which he does sometimes.
But really, it was to play stupid games at the STATE FAIR!
When I lay my head down at night while my brain and heart
decompresses the day, I often see images of my children 
and tonight I saw this moment, and now it's forever etched in my mind
where I hope it stays forever.
I love my teenage son, Gigs!

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