Thursday, October 12, 2023

News To Me


Lottie and Christian walk to the pastures every evening,
check on the cows, and give them their winter supplemental food.
When those cows see the white bucket, they literally come running.
Lottie and Baby April are becoming quite the duo, and April
occasionally licks Lod's arms and even lets her push her little bangs to
the side of her head.
As I sat waiting on the porch swing, Lottie and Christian
appeared in the distance and made their way towards me. 
Lottie casually scooped up a chicken that was pecking around the porch, 
then cradling it in her arms like it was a beloved house pet, 
she settled into the swing beside me, her eyes twinkling with excitement
 as she told me all about her new friend, B, from school.
Did you know that when kids in middle school like each other
and they acknowledge it to each other, that's called dating?
When I was in 6th grade (I still played with dolls)
my boyfriend was Spencer Duncan, and we were "going together."
not dating; that's what my older siblings did because they
were 16 and/or they could drive. 

So, this is news to me.

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