Thursday, October 05, 2023

May Surprise You

Lottie and I strolled down our driveway 
towards the mailbox at the end of the road. 
The evening was perfect for an autumn walk, 
with the sun slowly setting behind the cow's pasture. 
As we walked, we picked up some early-colored leaves,
heart-shaped rocks, and mushrooms with unknown toxicity levels.
Since conference last week, Claire and I have been studying prayer together, 
even though we are miles apart. We send each other inspirational talks 
and scriptures that help us to grow closer to the Lord
through that communication with Him.
We both desire, sometimes desperately, 
to be closer and have a deeper relationship with Him.

"Please don’t let your prayers sound like a shopping list. 
The Lord’s perspective transcends your mortal wisdom. 
His response to your prayers may surprise you...
...rather than focus on the excruciating difficulties of the day
our prayers can be—and should be—living discussions with our Heavenly Father."
I have been pondering what "may surprise you" means.
Like, a good surprise or a bad one?
I'm only half-joking.
I know everything that comes from the Lord is good,
but sometimes I admit, I am faithless and fearful.
But he also reminds us to,
" the spiritual work to increase your 
capacity to receive personal revelation."
So that's what we're trying to do.
I feel so fortunate to have a Father in Heaven who cares about me,
and my daughter, and our lives on earth.
And while we try to figure it all out, we get to live in a world
with cool-looking mushrooms, pumpkins, colored leaves,
and crisp fall evenings.

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