Saturday, October 14, 2023

Friday The 13th

When Gigs and Lottie came back home from school yesterday, 
I was so excited to spend the rest of the evening with them, you know,
since it was FRIDAY the 13th!
First, we'd spend some time at one of the many cemeteries near Stillestead,
then grab an early dinner (pizza) and even stop by the grocery store to grab
some gourmet Root Beer.
Then I thought we could end the evening by watching World War Z 
(we ended up watching Twilight.
WWZ would have been too intense for Lod.
It's too intense for me!).
The cemetery was beautiful!  
There is something about cemeteries and reading the names on the headstones
that are so sacred and interesting, especially these super old cemeteries.
The oldest name we saw dates back to 1783!
That was when the American Revolution was ending,
and Poldark-style Tricornes were hot stuff!

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