Saturday, September 16, 2023

The Orange Sticker

Today was Phase 3 in our AI service.
The stickers on the tails of the mama cows were all orange
which means: AI breeding is a GO.
Early this morning, Christian, Gigs, and I caught all the cows
and put them in the squeeze chute so the AI master, Ashley, 
could do her job at the backside.
(This is what Jane wants to do when she returns from Portugal, and
in fact, has already signed up for Ashley's master AI classes).
I'm happy to note that everything went exactly as planned.
This is kind of a big deal since working cattle
is really a 50/50 chance of something going bonkers.
Before releasing them to pasture, we tagged each of their tails 
with an additional sticker. 
This time, an orange sticker indicates that the first AI service
 failed and that we will need to re-breed. Fingers crossed!
Afterward, the four of us participated in a service project 
at a miniature golf course that a Hispanic church congregation maintained.
The project involved cleaning up the course.
They served us lunch afterward, which was super kind of them.
Then we drove Gigs to his new job (milking goats)
 and then we took our only child, Lottie, to get ice cream
because, well, she's the only child now.

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