Monday, September 18, 2023

Can Always Be Ours

While making dinner tonight, I stopped, took a deep breath, and looked around.
 Christian and Lottie were sitting on the couch, working on their homework, 
outside in the pasture, the cows were grazing peacefully, and the
early autumn breeze from the opened back kitchen doors 
made everything feel fresh and clean.
These ordinary peaceful moments fill me with hope for the future 
and for good things to come. 
There are so many things that Christian and I want to do together
and with (and for!) our family.  
Some of them are just slowly getting off the ground, 
and some are still so far into the distance.
 Despite facing failures along the way, 
we have accomplished a lot together.
We've faced challenges as a couple and family and are still standing.  
Strong, too, I add.
Despite the ups and downs of life, the love and grace of the 
Savior have remained a constant presence in our lives. 
We have learned through repeated teachings that if we have 
faith, trust, and follow Him, peaceful and ordinary moments 
like tonight can always be ours.

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