Thursday, July 20, 2023

We'll be back, Indy!

 This morning we attempted to castrate Indy, 
but when we went to the pasture, he was nowhere to be found.
We saw all six mamas and baby April and Stevie.
It's not uncommon for the babies to squeeze under the electric fence
and head for the woods behind the pasture for more comfortable
grazing under the shade of the trees
(since it's like 100 degrees with 100% humidity).
But we looked and looked and couldn't find him anywhere.
I was nervous, but Christian wasn't. 
He's never worried or stressed about "his girls."
He trusts their instincts.
We wandered the woods for nearly an hour, 
and in that time, the temperature
rose about 25 degrees, and we decided it was too hot to work,
 so I took my sweaty boots off and 
rode in the back of the truck back through the fields home.
Later Gigs took the motorcycle out and found Indy nestled 
in the tall cool grass
in the middle of the pasture.
We'll be back, Indy!
You can't hide from us forever!

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