Wednesday, July 26, 2023


This evening Lottie showed me some of her ballet moves
(and lingo) she learned at camp this past week.
I sat on the porch swing and watched her dance and felt
so much gratitude for my life and family.
I thought about Claire in hell, Arizona (it's soooo hot there right now).
She's having experiences at work and in her personal life that is 
stretching her and teaching her about herself and what she is capable of.
I miss her and wish I were closer, especially as she
is experiencing fun relationships with boys. 
(one in particular).
Today we got a letter in the mail from the state of Arizona
asking us to give them more information about who was driving
our car through the intersection of Stapley and Broadway at 5:15 AM last month.
The letter also included several photos of Claire.
 The car is registered in our name, so they don't have any way
of giving her a speeding ticket.
I had to laugh.
Claire, what WERE you doing on Stapley and Broadway at 5:15 AM?

I love you and would never snitch on you.


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