Thursday, May 04, 2023

Courage Rising Review!

 Today I saw the photos from the Courage Rising Premiere.
I just love these photos and everyone in them!
What a beautiful night, what a beautiful group!
I love my burn community!
Me, Christian, and dear burn surgeon, Dr. Foster

I love this photo of Christian hugging Dr. Rimmer!
And I know K2 guide, Kelly, is telling me something very special!

Me and Christian with Pam, who put the Kilimanjaro idea
in the ears of the hospital!

Hugging fellow survivors Jason and Christin

High-fiving film producer Justin!

The team!

The whole group!

I love this man!
was our emcee.
He has an incredible story!!

Dr. Rimmer helped me overcome body issues early on after
the accident. She worked hard and helped motivate me
to get back to life and normalcy.
  I was so pleased to see her!!! I love her!!

Me and Christian, with Tammy, the wonderful wife of burn survivor Jason, 
with K2 founder and guide Kristen.
All fundraising money goes to the new beautiful Burn Center!

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