Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Spring Break '23

 Well, it's been Spring break over here, and we're not doing anything.
Well, anything fun.
I had a giant list of things we needed to get done,
like, finally washing Ollie's sheets on his bed.  Sniff, sniff.
I haven't been able to bring myself to do that yet.
Sometimes I still go lay in his bed, and I can smell him.
We're removing the twin beds in the boy's room and will buy Gigs
a bigger bed.  He deserves one since he's the biggest person in our family.
Gigs and I have been slowly going through boxes, clothes, and all the
random things under both boys' beds.
It's a GINORMOUS job, and I often get overwhelmed, plus 
Lottie and I are working in her room doing the same thing!
So far, we've donated 5 sacks of clothes and 4 bags of toys to Goodwill.
And my house is a mess!
This afternoon I took a break and finally put on the new
Olive & June nails that Lottie had picked out for us to do as a 
Spring break project a few days earlier.
Then we headed to get her haircut from cousin Emily.
 Lottie has wanted a "bob" for months now.
We came home, checked on April, then I made taco soup for dinner
with homemade tortilla strips; I say that because it's such a process,
and I literally had to make myself do it.
I had to MAKE myself make dinner.
I've NOT wanted to cook this break!
This Spring Break isn't much of a break, but
for me, it's heaven besides, we're heading to Arizona next week 
for our Kilimanjaro movie premiere!!  That will be our delayed Spring Break.
And we'll see Claire!!!!!! 
(And Umi and Grandpa, who are also coming for the premiere!)
There are still tickets available!  Join us!
We're sooo excited!!

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