Monday, April 17, 2023

It's the eyes!

This morning as I was driving Lottie to school, Ollie called us!!
It's the first time we've talked to him since he's been 
with his new companion in his new area!
As luck would have it, Lottie decided to wear Jane's
Smashing Pumpkins tee shirt to school, and guess who also 
had on his Smashing Pumpkins tee?  Elder Nielson!
(I remember wearing my older siblings' tee shirts.  That was so cool!).
But that actually made him more homesick than he was already feeling.
He's overwhelmed with everything, 
and his companion only speaks Portuguese to
him, and it's been challenging!
I'm sure one day he'll say it was really helpful, but right now 
he's just really frustrated about it!

He's teaching a little 11-year-old girl who has, he tells me,
"has the same eyes as Lottie," and 
"I can't even look at her without missing her,
and wanting to cry."
Hang in there, buddy!!!
In other news, Jane's mission president authorized the missionaries 
in Portugal to listen to the Calm app if they have it on their phones.
  The Calm app is the best; it has the best nighttime
stories, sounds, and breathing exercises and helps reduce
anxiety and stress.  Something Jane really needs!
I suggested a sleep story that I love!
It's about a girl (with a magical British accent) who gets
ready for bed but makes herself a nice cup of tea first.
Truth is, I always fall asleep before the story ends.
It's called "The Grand Plan to Rise & Shine."
Look it up, people!

Happy Birthday, MOM!

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