Friday, February 17, 2023

Family pottery date #2.

This afternoon after school, Ollie, Gigs, Lottie, and I went to 
my darling friend Anna's house for our second pottery class.
We finally got around to painting and glazing our projects from last May.
I wish I had more time to do creative things
like pottery.  I so admire Anna and her beautiful talent
and strong hands and fingers.
She is a master and is so good at connecting her gift to the many
analogies and stories about pottery and the Savior.
Much of her inspiration and art comes from Him and His
stories, lessons, love, and life.  It's really inspiring.
I glazed Jane's projects because she was with us the
 last time we were in the studio. 
 I wanted to cry a little bit.
Stay tuned for pottery class installment #3!

Also, earlier today in the mail, Oliver received his
mission NAMETAGS, and Lottie's Valentine from Umi
finally arrived!  Yay!

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