Thursday, February 09, 2023

Backseat Driver.

Today, Ollie and I picked up Gigs and Lottie from school, 
and somehow, I got kicked out of the driver's seat
and to the backseat while Gigs drove home.
(He's still working toward 
earning his permanent license and needs driving hours).
The boys hate driving with me because I'm so critical,
but I can't help it because they're the worst drivers sometimes.
It was so pleasant this evening that I decided to serve dinner on the
porch.  Lottie was so excited...I do admit I smell spring in the air.
I'm still not ready, though.
Oliver and his helmet obsession is still going strong.
He's either wearing one, or it's in his lap,
I mean everywhere we go!
In fact, he got Lottie to put one on, and she
kept it on throughout dinner.
I'm not sure about the appeal of wearing helmets, but he's
gained another follower in Lottie.
We're looking forward to many more nights spent 
in the back porch!

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