Monday, February 06, 2023


 Well, being 40+ is a real treat.
A few days ago, Christian was playing church basketball
and sprained his ankle.
Now he hobbles around with it wrapped up.
It could be broken for all we know, but he's adamant it's not,
and for us all to stop acknowledging that he hurt his foot.
It's great to be 40!
He had an eye appointment today and needed me to drive
him there, Ollie tagged along, and together we 
went to Costco for more soy milk, chips, uncooked tortillas,
and about 70 other items I didn't need.  This is why I hate Costco 
(also because it's always cold there).
It's WAY more manageable if I have a buddy with me,
so having Ollie with me made buying those extra 70
things worth it.
After Christian's eye exam, we went to lunch and had a video chat with
Claire and her new, ahem, boy/friend.
Then we raced back just in time to pick up Lottie and Gigs.
I am cherishing these last few days with Ollie!!!!!

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