Thursday, January 12, 2023

Stay (wasting time).

 Today was a hectic day for our family.
After I dropped Lottie off at school in the morning, we picked up the U-Haul
for Claire's cross-country tomorrow.
We brought it back to spend the day filling it up with her stuff.
We kept Nicholas home from school so he could help with the 
moving process, but instead, we spent a considerable portion of the day in the
kitchen talking, baking, and wishing we didn't have to say goodbye.
Before Ollie and I picked up Lottie from school,
we stopped by my friend's shop, who is a fantastic seamstress
and picked up his new mission suit just in time for 
his first special night at the temple.
We picked up Lottie and then went to an early dinner
 before our temple appointment.
We parted ways, and Gigs took Lottie to Target to 
buy some new pants for work 
(and took advantage of that privilege and bought a few other
items while he was there).
And the four of us drove to the Raleigh Temple.

To be continued.....

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