Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Cows with Christian.

 Christian and I went to feed the cows in the 
fields east of the house this evening.  
The air was brisk, but it was so lovely to 
slip out of the house and be together
alone for a few minutes.
After pouring the feed into their bunk and checking the water, 
we said a prayer together, praying for each child;
Claire and her future plans in Arizona, 
Jane, on her mission in Portugal,
Ollie, as he prepares for his mission, 
Gigs, and his life as a 16-year-old physically, emotionally,
 and spiritually, 
 Lottie, as she continues her medication (it's been working!)
 and navigates friendships and changes in the culture at school.
Of course, for BovIQ and for success in every aspect of our lives
together and as we raise our family.
Then we hold hands and walk back to the house as the sun
begins to slink away for the day.
Then I gear myself up to take on the rest of the evening.
Some nights, bedtime can't come soon enough!
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